10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (2023)

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to download videos from a website or a platform. Maybe you’d like to watch them offline, or you want to use them in a video project.

However, some websites don’t offer a straightforward way to download videos. Hence, a video downloading tool comes in handy in such situations. It allows you to download and save video clips in different resolutions.

There are a ton of video-downloading apps out there, but it might be difficult for you to select the best app out of many. Anyway, we’ve made this task simple for you. Here are 10 of the best desktop apps to download online videos:

Disclaimer: Please be responsible while downloading online video. We do not encourage downloading videos illegally or videos you don’t have authorization for.

In this article:

  • VideoProc Converter
  • Videohunter
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • Any Video Converter Free
  • Freemake Video Downloader
  • iTubeGo
  • Allavsoft
  • AllMyTube
  • Gihosoft TubeGet
  • YTD Video Downloader
  • aTube Catcher

1. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc is an all-in-one program with several primary features: video downloading, video conversion, and DVD backup. On top of that, the video downloader is also capable of downloading 8K/4KHD/HDR videos and M3U8 files at full GPU acceleration.

Key features of VideoProcs:

  • Download videos from 1000+ sites and content in any country.
  • Supports all major audio and video formats.
  • Can download videos and YouTube playlists and channels along with subtitles.
  • Supports video download in up to 8K quality.
  • Basic and advanced video editing features, i.e., cut, crop, add watermarks, increase or decrease speed, etc.
  • Compress large videos by 90%.

Supported OS:

  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Free (7-day Trial)
  • Premium 365 – $25.95/yr, 3 machines
  • Lifetime License – $39.95/lifetime, 1 machine
  • Family License – $57.95/lifetime, 3-4 machines

2. VideoHunter

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (2)

VideoHunter is one of the most powerful desktop video downloaders, which can provide you with a premium download online video experience. It has a clean and simple UI without any ads and malware. Meanwhile, it can bulk online download videos.

Key features of VideoHunters:

  • Support for downloading online videos from over 1000 websites
  • Download online videos in high-definition quality (4K/8K)
  • Support for downloading online videos in bulk
  • Download online videos with subtitles
  • Built-in proxy integration

Supported OS:

(Video) How to Download Any Video From Any Site On PC (free & easy)

  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Free (3 videos/day)
  • Monthly – $14.95/mth
  • Yearly – $39.95/yr

3. 4K Video Downloader

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (3)

4K Video Downloader is one of the best desktop apps that allows you to download online videos quickly and easily. It is simple to use and has many features that allow you to download a single video or save a full playlist.

Key features of 4K Video Downloaders:

  • Simple to use interface.
  • Download video subtitles in TXT or SRT format.
  • ‘Smart mode’ lets you apply preferred settings to all your downloads.
  • Download 3D and 360-degree videos.
  • Supports various video formats, including .mp4, .avi, .Ã¥, and more.
  • Download videos in 4K and HD quality.

Supported OS:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux


  • Free – Limted features
  • Lite – €u10/yr
  • Personal – €15/lifetime
  • Pro – €15/lifetime

4. Any Video Converter Freeware

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (4)

Any Video Converter Free is a sophisticated video download and conversion toolkit that’s (almost hard to believe) isn’t paid. You may rip discs, get them from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc., apply adjustments and effects, and save or burn them in various formats.

Furthermore, the videos may be downloaded and converted in batches, and simple changes can be made with a few mouse clicks.

Key features of Any Video Converters:

  • Download and convert videos from various online sources (100+ sites).
  • Video screen recording with high-quality output.
  • Rip discs and save them in various formats, including .mp4, .avi, .mkv, and more.
  • Video editing features, i.e., crop, cut, flip, and special effects.

Supported OS:

  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Free
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5. Freemake Video Downloader

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (5)

Freemake Video Downloader is one of the simplest and most effective desktop apps to download videos from the web and convert them to any format you choose.

Additionally, it is also more than just a simple YouTube downloader and supports over 500 audio and video codecs and lets you download videos from a variety of popular video hosting services.

Key features of Freemakes:

  • Download videos from over 10000 sites.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Convert videos to any format.
  • Supports a range of audio and video codecs.

Supported OS:

  • Windows


  • Free

6. iTubeGo

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (6)

You can download any video from thousands of websites with iTubeGo. It’s an intuitive tool that offers audio/ video downloading and conversion features without compromising the quality of the media.

Music, audiobooks, sound effects, and other content can all be downloaded for free from hundreds of music-sharing sites. This includes MixCloud, SoundCloud, VEVO, FreeSound, and others.

One wonderful feature of the tool is that when you download any video, iTubeGo immediately gives suggestions on TV series and movies based on your download.

Key features of iTubeGos:

  • One-click video download from 10000+ sites.
  • Some basic video editing features.
  • Comes with a built-in browser to download videos directly from the webpage.
  • Convert downloaded videos to a variety of formats i.e. .mp3, .mp4, .mov, .m4a, .avi.

Supported OS:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android


  • Free

7. AllavSoft

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (7)

Allavsoft is one of the most useful media downloader software. Simply type in the URL and it will retrieve all of the content, whether you’re downloading a single video or a playlist.

It claims to allow you to download high-quality multimedia from platforms such as – Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, MixCloud, Bandcamp Qobuz, and other sites without any subscription required.

Key features of Allavsofts:

(Video) Best Download Manager to download large files on PC.

  • Download videos from 1000+ sites.
  • Support a variety of multimedia formats.
  • Download Spotify to MP3.
  • You may stop and restart downloading at any moment.
  • Download and convert multiple videos at the same time.

Supported OS:

  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Free trial
  • 1 Month License – $19.99/mth, 1-2 machines
  • 1 Year License – $29.99/yr, 1-2 machines
  • Lifetime License – $59.99/lifetime, 1-3 machines

8. AllMyTube

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (8)

Wondershare’s AllMyTube has nearly everything there should be in a video downloader. It allows you to retrieve online videos from over 1,000 websites, and all you have to do is enter the URL of the video you want and start downloading it.

Additionally, it also converts your downloads into 16 file types and compresses them for playback on over 100 devices.

Key features of AllMyTubes:

  • Download YouTube videos in up to 4K quality.
  • Supports all major audio/video formats.
  • Can download playlists from YouTube.
  • Besides downloading and converting, it also has a screen recording feature.

Supported OS:

  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Free with limited features
  • Full version – $29.00/lifetime

9. GihoSoft TubeGet

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (9)

Gihosoft TubeGet is a simple video downloader that supports downloading videos from YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, and other popular video-sharing platforms.

It can also extract audio from YouTube videos and convert them to a variety of video formats, including MKV, AVI, MOV, as well as for platforms like Android and iOS.

Apart from its video downloading features, you can use it to manage your phone’s multimedia data, as well as backup and restore your data to avoid data loss.

Key features of GihoSoft TubeGets:

  • Download videos from over 100+ popular video-sharing sites.
  • Convert YouTube videos to .mp3, .mkv, .avi, .mov, and more.
  • Download videos in various resolutions ranging from 240p to 4K and 8K with just one click.
  • Back up and manage your phone’s multimedia data.
  • Download subtitles along with the video.

Supported OS:

(Video) How to Download Apps on Windows 10 Laptop or Computer

  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Free – No technical support
  • Personal edition – $29.95/lifetime, 1 machine
  • Family edition – $75/lifetime, 5 machines

10. YTD Video Downloader

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (10)

This is yet another video downloader with a limited free edition. You may test out the premium software for seven days for free.

Premium members get a better experience by being able to download and convert numerous URLs in one go, as well as using the software without ads or upsells. Plus, it has an easy-to-use interface that anyone can use.

Key features of YTD Video Downloaders:

  • Download 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K videos from any major video streaming site.
  • Supports all the major audio/video formats.
  • Automatically pause video downloading when internet connection fails and then retry when the internet is available.
  • Download and convert complete playlists from video streaming sites.
  • Also supports batch downloading i.e., downloading multiple videos at a time.

Supported OS:

  • Windows


  • Free with limited feature
  • 6-months plan – $5.99/mth
  • 1-year plan – $3.99/mth
  • 1-month plan – $9.99/mth

Bonus: aTube Catcher

10 Best Desktop Apps to Download Online Videos (11)

aTube Catcher is a one-stop shop for everything you need to use for multimedia purposes. This program is a full-fledged video/audio downloader with other features such as – a screen recorder, video converter, and more. It claims to be able to download videos from anywhere on the internet. And all these features are free.

Key features of aTube Catchers:

  • Download videos from all video-sharing websites.
  • Support all major audio/video formats.
  • Built-in screen recorder.
  • Very simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Crop and resize videos.
  • Supports multiple downloads at a time.

Supported OS:

  • Windows


  • Free
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To sum things up, we have listed a total of 10 desktop apps to download online videos.

Although all these video downloaders are awesome and have tons of features, our three best picks are Freemake Video Downloader, VideoProc, and 4K Video Downloader. They all offer different features which can be very useful for different users.


How can I download videos from any website to my computer? ›

Here are the steps:
  1. Step #1: Copy the video URL. All you have to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  2. Step #2: Enter the video URL. ...
  3. Step #3: Click on the “Download Video” button or Hit Enter. ...
  4. Step #4: Choose the quality of the video to download. ...
  5. Step #5: Click on the “Download” button.

Which app is best for online video download? ›

9 Best Video Downloader Apps 2022
  • Video Downloader Android – Multi-purpose tool for devices running Android.
  • All downloader 2019 Android – Quickly saves videos.
  • Snaptube Android – High UX free of charge.
  • Videoder Android – Search and watch videos offline.

Which site can I download all videos? ›

Let's discuss these web video downloaders in detail.
  • Chrome Web Video Downloader Extension. Chrome Web Video Downloader lets you download video from the internet. ...
  • Savethevideo.net. ...
  • Savefrom.net. ...
  • Video Downloader Pro. ...
  • Keepvid Video Downloader. ...
  • Acethinker. ...
  • Distillvideo.com. ...
  • 4K Video Downloader.

Which app can download all videos? ›

Download All Video Downloader For Android - Best Software & Apps
  • UC Browser. ...
  • FYT - All video Downloader. 1.1. ...
  • Snaptube. ...
  • Snaptubè - All Video Downloader. 1.0. ...
  • All Video Downloader App - New Downloader 2021. 1.9. ...
  • All Video Downloader. ...
  • All Video Downloader. ...
  • Real HD Video Player 4K - HD Video Downloader All.

How do I download an entire video from a website? ›

Open the three-dot menu on the top right and select More Tools > Save page as. You can also right-click anywhere on the page and select Save as or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S in Windows or Command + S in macOS. Chrome can save the complete web page, including text and media assets, or just the HTML text.

Which browser can download videos for PC? ›

Compatible Browsers to download videos
  • Google Chrome.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Microsoft Edge & Edge Chromium (Windows 10 browser)

How can I download videos directly from the Internet? ›

There are multiple ways to download any video from Internet:
  1. Online video downloaders like Freemake, catch. tube, etc.
  2. Video downloader extensions like FastestTube.
  3. Android apps like Video Grabber.
  4. Jdownloader.
  5. Software like VideoProc.
26 Oct 2022

How can I download full video in Chrome? ›

Go to the webpage where you want to download a file. Touch and hold what you want to download, then tap Download link or Download image. On some video and audio files, tap Download .

How do I download a video from chrome to my computer? ›

Download a file
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Go to the webpage where you want to download the file.
  3. Save the file: Most files: Click on the download link. ...
  4. If asked, choose where you want to save the file, then click Save. ...
  5. When the download finishes, you'll see it at the bottom of your Chrome window.

Which app has highest downloads? ›

#1) TikTok

It is at the top of the list of most popular apps. By now, it has been downloaded over 2 billion times overall globally.

How can I download any content from any website? ›

How to Download Any Video from Any Website for Free
  1. Using an Online Downloader.
  2. Using 4K Video Downloader.
  3. Using OBS Studio.
  4. Using Game Bar on Windows.
  5. Using a Quicktime on Mac.
  6. Downloading a Video From Streaming Apps.
20 Aug 2022

How can I download a video that is not downloadable? ›

Download a Video With a Downloader Tool

The easiest way to download a video from a website when there isn't a clear download button is to use a video downloader tool. These are specially made programs or web apps that look for and extract videos from webpages.

Which app takes best videos? ›

Check it out:
  • VivaVideo. Available for Android and iOS. ...
  • Lapse It Pro. Available for Android and iOS. ...
  • Super 16. Available for Android. ...
  • FxGuru. Available for Android and iOS. ...
  • SloPro. Available for iOS. ...
  • VHS Camcorder. Available for Android and iOS. ...
  • VideoCam Illusion. Available for Android and iOS. ...
  • HyperLapse. Available for iOS.
7 Jul 2022

What websites give free videos? ›

12 Websites For Free Stock Video Footage
  • Pixabay.
  • Videvo.
  • Pexels.
  • Videezy.
  • Life of Vids.
  • 6: Coverr.
  • Splitshire.
  • Clipstill.
8 Nov 2022

How can I download videos directly from Google? ›

Save your photos or videos
  1. On your computer, go to photos.google.com.
  2. Select a photo or video.
  3. Click More. Download.

Which video quality is best for download? ›

MP4. MP4 is one of the most popular types of video formats out there because it's a universally compatible format. As a result, you can use MP4 files on iTunes, Apple, and Windows. Another significant advantage of using an MP4 is that MP4s have smaller file sizes but still maintain a high video and audio quality.

How can I download best videos? ›

Thankfully, downloading videos off the internet is surprisingly easy, and here are the best ways to do it.
  1. SaveFrom.
  2. FastestTube.
  3. DownloadTwitterVideo.
  4. Instagram Downloader.
  5. FDown.
  6. Y2Mate.
  7. Media.io.
  8. YooDownload.
16 Sept 2022

Which video format is best? ›

8 Best video file formats to use in 2022
  1. MP4. MP4 is the most common type of video format available today. ...
  2. MOV. Developed by Apple for QuickTime Player, it is used for watching videos and saving movies on the internet. ...
  3. WMV. ...
  4. AVI. ...
  5. FLV. ...
  6. MKV. ...
  7. AVCHD. ...
  8. WEBM.
27 May 2022

Is 4K better than 1080p? ›

Full HD is just another term for 1080p or 1920x1080, and those are all ways of referring to the same resolution. By contrast, 4K has a resolution of 3840x2160. That's a lot more pixels in the overall image — totaling over 8 million pixels. As always, the higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will be.

Which is the fastest app to download videos? ›

6 Best Video Downloader Apps for Android in 2022
  • TubeMate.
  • VidMate.
  • SnapTube.
  • KeepVid.
  • Videoder.
  • Video Downloader.


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