Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (2023)

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (1)

John of Denton, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 12, 2023

First, My wife didn't rent the car I did. Because I had a expired driver's licenses my wife had to present a driver's licenses and credit card. I understand about the drivers license. What I don't understand is that you wouldn't let me charge the final fee on a different card. Why do you care how you get your money. Second, you advertise as if you were located INSIDE of the airport. You are not. I would not have used rented from you had I know the truth as I didn't want to return early because we needed to take a shuttle back to the airport. Last, it took a total time of 1hour and 38 minutes to get pick up and though that horrendous line. Some of that time was because there were NO instructions about were to go to catch your shuttle. Also, no REAL person on your 800 line. We missed our dinner reservation as a result.

Here is what was good. The person at the counter was great despite the environment your company made them work. A lot of frustrated people to deal with and they kept a good attitude. The car was good, clean, and smelled nice. That being said if your motivation was to influence me to rent with Advantage again, nothing could be further from the truth. I only gave you a 2 because of your representative and the condition of your car. I will NEVER rent with Advantage again. I will pay more for any other company. I hope you do better for your future customer. God help them.

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (2)

Renegade of Vancouver, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 20, 2023


I had a reservation at Las Vegas airport for a 3-day rental. Advantage said I was late picking up my car (because their shuttle was late) and canceled my reservation, they were rude and unhelpful and told me to rent somewhere else. I didn’t have time. I rented a car for triple the rate for 1 day. I called their reservation center the next morning and they told me to come back to the airport and they would rent me a car for the original rate. When I got to the airport, they didn’t believe me that I was told that and charged me triple again. They were extremely rude and ripped me off. Don’t ever use this company, the worst car rental experience I have ever had.

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (3)

Marshall of Kalamazoo, MI Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 18, 2022

I had wait over hour to get rental car, when the selling starts. I had my own full coverage insurance, policy on phone. The rental agent would not accept forced to buy supplemental liability insurance. Called customer service, said that's not their policy. I give them zero stars. 14.96 times 4 days equals 59.96 robbed. Orlando Fl. Airport

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (4)

Natasha of Cherry Hill, NJ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 7, 2022

This rental company is unprofessional and not flexible to any changes in your travel plans!!! I rented the car at a decent price but soon after I had to change my plans and travel 6 hours away in Florida due to a family emergency. I was unable to bring the car back to the location and this company doesn’t allow returns to ANY other location besides the original. I was unaware of this and it cost me big time! I tried to contact them several times with no reply and then they sent me a message from security stating that the vehicle is too close to the Florida border and if I leave the state I will be fined $1,000!!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! Do not rent from this company. It’s a huge risk and it ruined my Military Leave time with my family.


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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (5)

Omar of Miami, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 5, 2022

If you want to be treated like a low-class criminal or worse, a dirty animal, look no further to Advantage at Miami International Airport, and ask for Marcello **. He'll make sure your experience with Advantage will be a memorable one. For starters, he doesn't greet anyone, and looks at you badly if you are the one to say good morning. He's despondent, arrogant and square-minded. To make things worse, he was constantly defiant. As a local, he told me I needed to show him an actual utility invoice in order to prove I was a local, and that such was company policy (??). Ok. While he was scrolling the internet on his cell phone and interrupting me every time I was saying anything to him, shutting me up on every instance, I finally showed him the darn invoice.

Once I told him he needed to work on his people skills and be more amicable or personable at least, he screamed "now I am not going to help you!"-as if he was doing a favor to me- and screamed at me to get out of there. I could not believe what I was hearing. No problem. I obliged. I took my business to Enterprise next door right away. I wonder if it was a diabetes attack, marital problems or the need to reassure himself as an alpha male, but the truth is he's not tailored to deal with people at all, and this uneducated, deeply-equivocated moron reflects the worse on Advantage as a company. I will not, ever, return to this hole in the wall at MIA. I wonder what kind of Human Resources Manager hired this bonehead who got way too many issues to deal with the public.

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (6)

Rc of Evansville, IN Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 23, 2022

It is out of character for me to complain about a company like this, but I will never rent from them again and don't recommend it to others. My 2021 car had a faulty sensor that resulted in the gasoline I filled it with not being registered by the tank, even 15 miles down the road. This caused me an unnecessary stop, unnecessary stress, and unnecessary expenditure, and in all my years of driving, I had never come across this issue. It is far from common. Yet their service agents didn't bat an eyelash and never offered me any kind of reimbursement for this unusual problem when I told them about it, both on site and on the 1-800 number

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (7)

Graham of Libertyville, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 31, 2022

Beware of hidden fees when hiring a car in Orlando. Hired a car online, got a good rate but they very strongly advise you to pay $9.99 per day to have their electronic toll payment. If you do not and pay cash at tollbooth you will be charged $15 per day every time you use a toll road. In short, they increase their competitive hire rate by supplementing it with “an optional” Toll fee charge. Client satisfaction appears bottom of their priorities and it’s no surprise that they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have a rating of “F”.

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (8)

Benjamin of Bloomington, IN Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 21, 2022

Good to mediocre: The car was nice and drop-off was a breeze! The shuttle service was fine (although had to wait an hour to be picked up). Bad: At check-in he sold me on a $9.99 fee for toll roads. It turned out to be $9.99/day. They asked me if I wanted insurance. I said No as I already was insured through my credit card. They added a $14.99/day supplemental insurance anyway. I didn't notice any of this until I arrived at my destination and saw the emailed receipt.

I immediately tried to email and call. I never received responses to my email. I got connected to Advantage customer service (general) on the phone and was told that there was no way to call the rental location. I was bewildered, but had no choice but to trust their word that I would be taken care when I dropped off my car. They did eventually agree to send an email to the Orlando location to request a refund for at least the insurance so that a record would be created.

When I returned the car I was told that nothing could be done at the moment and was promised a call from the manager to resolve my issues at a later date. I had a plane to catch so I had no choice but to leave. I never received a call. I called several times afterward and was eventually promised a refund for the insurance. That refund never was made. It's been three months since the trip and I still have not heard. In the end they charged me well above twice the price I was quoted.

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (9)

my of Los Angeles, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 18, 2022

On day 4 of 10 day business trip, I get to Dallas on last flight of night, go to Advantage Rent a car, they said I can't go to Kansas (which was important part of trip). The only time I have ever encountered driving restrictions was taking to different countries. The language stating you can't take to Kansas is buried 75 lines deep into the terms and conditions. Really misleading.

Now to the car. Car was a Nissan Rouge. Drove horribly. Tried to get a car change in OKC (location which is closed). Car would pull to the right repeatedly. Car would auto brake if you moved 1 to 2 feet either right or left. Also would auto accelerate when you change lanes (which was the scariest thing). Worst rental car experience I have ever had.

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Advantage Rent-A-Car Reviews: What To Know (10)

Chris of Round Lake, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 22, 2022

I rent a car on 4/2/22 at DWF and the agent indicated the tent on the car pre-existing as marked on contract. Insisted for a different car but couldn’t give one. I returned the car on April 3 one day after with post rental inspection just to get a claim from Allstate regard a damage on this car. Big lies.

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