BEST Ontario Airport Shuttle | ONT Transportation (2023)

Ontario Airport Shuttle Companies

Ontario International Airport (ONT) is a public airport located only 2 miles away from downtown Ontario, California and around 38 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It served more than 5 million passengers in 2018.

Several Airport Transfer services are available to take you to your desired destination in or around the city.

If you’re driving to ONT, type the following address into any of your phone mapping apps or GPS device:

Ontario International AirportAirport Code: ONTOntario, CA 91761, USA

If you want to book a secure Ontario Airport parking spot, click here. You can also check out some Ontario Airport map here and find everything you need.

Pickup Location / Where to meet your driver at Ontario Airport?

Go through baggage claim through the far right exit and look for a uniformed Customer Service Representative at the SuperShuttle podium which is located East.

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Buses: Omnitrans

To find the bus stop at ONT, go to Terminals 2 or 4 on Airport Drive. Follow the airport signs to easily locate the stations.

Rideshare: Uber, Lyft

To meet your Lyft or Uber driver, follow the ‘’Ride-Share Pick Up Location’’ signs located at each passenger terminal.

Ground Transportation

Looking for dependable Ontario Airport transportation services? Don’t worry, we can help you. There are various options and countless providers available at ONT, including Ontario Airport Shuttle, Ridesharing, Taxi & Limo Service, Public Transportation, and Car Rental.

Use one of these transportation providers to get to your hotel or visit some popular places in Ontario, such as Cucamonga Guasti Regional Park, various museums, San Antonio Creek, or Ontario Town Square with many shops and cafes.

Ontario Airport Shuttle

If you need an affordable transfer to get you to your destination from Ontario International Airport, reserve one of the ONT Airport shuttles. Avoid the stress of searching for reliable transportation during a busy travel day by booking your ride now.

We’ve listed the best Ontario Airport shuttle providers and their rates so that you can find the cheapest shuttle ride.

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Super Shuttle offers safe and reasonably priced transportation for airport passengers at ONT. They can take you anywhere in the city using a shared ride van, private van, or ExecuCar’s private car. Choose a service according to your wishes and possibilities, and they will arrange the best deal for you. See the list below and discover the rates.



Downtown Ontario


Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park






San Bernadino


Palm Springs

$150 (Private Car)

Book your ride online and save time and money. If you need additional assistance, call Super Shuttle phone number 800-258-3826.

The pickup location: Go through baggage claim through the far right exit and look for a uniformed representative at the Super Shuttle podium which is located East.

Prime Time Shuttle is a great transportation company that serves several California airports. They offer various services and competitive rates. You can book a ride to numerous locations - from Ontario Airport to LAX, downtown Ontario, and many other places. Check out our list below to find out more.



Downtown Ontario


Ontario Convention Center


Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park






San Bernadino


Los Angeles Airport


The pickup location: Exit the building from the easternmost baggage claim door, and go to the Taxi Stand located at the East end of the airport. Call the dispatch department at 800-733-8267 and select option 3, after which the airport representative will call in your van.

Roadrunner Shuttle is one of the best transportation companies when looking for Ontario Airport shuttle to LAX and Burbank Bob Hope Airport. They offer shuttle vans and private cars & limos available every day 24/7. They have fixed rates at the moment, and you can check them out in our list below.


To Los Angeles Airport

To Burbank Airport

Van (up to 7 passengers)



Van (up to 9 passengers)



Van (up to 14 passengers)



Town Car (up to 3)



If you have any question, call Roadrunner at 800-247-7919 and you will get all the answers you need. You can use the same number to make a reservation or you can do it easily online.

High Desert Shuttle is another dependable Ontario airport shuttle company servicing ONTAirport and several others - LAX, Burbank, Long Beach, and John Wayne Airports. They can take you to various places in the area, and you can find out their destinations and rates if you look at the following list.


1-3 Passengers

4-5 Passengers

Apple Valley, Oak Hills, Spring Valley Lake, Victorville



Adelanto, Helendale/Silver Lakes



Phelan, Wrightwood






Make an online shuttle reservation now and start your trip without worries. If you have more question, call High Desert Shuttle at 760-SHUTTLE.

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24-7 Ride also offers safe and punctual Ontario Airport shuttle service from LAX, and you can choose between a shared or private vehicle. They serve all airports and ports in the Greater Los Angeles and several surrounding counties.

  • The one-way fare from Ontario Airport to LAX is $94 for private non-stop van service.

You can find out more on their website or by calling this shuttle company at 888-700-1222.

Transit Van Shuttle also provides Ontario transportation services for airport passengers in Southern California and serves cruise terminals and Amtrak stations as well. However, they offer private rides only which is more expensive than shared shuttles, but it is a good option for groups.

If you want to contact this Ontario Airport shuttle, call them at (866) 261-3114 or send an e-mail at [emailprotected].

Hotel Shuttles

There is a great number of hotels located in the area that offer courtesy shuttle service for airport passengers. If you still haven’t booked a hotel, choose one from our list below. If you did make a hotel reservation, check if they offer this free shuttle. In any case, you should call a hotel of your choice 72 hours in advance and arrange this service.


Phone Number

Aloft Ontario (Van available 6am - 9:30pm)

(909) 484-2018

Ayres Inn & Suites Ontario Mills

(909) 987-5940

Ayres Suites Ontario Mills Circle

(909) 481-0703

Best Western Ontario Airport

(909) 937-6800

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson

(909) 204-5365

Doubletree by Hilton

(909) 937-0900

Embassy Suites

(909) 605-0281

Folk Inn

(909) 937-9700

Holiday Inn Express

(909) 930-5555

Holiday Inn Ontario Airport

(909) 212-8000

La Quinta Inn & Suites

(909) 476-1112

Ontario Airport Inn

(909) 983-3600

Quality Inn

(909) 937-2999

Residence Inn by Marriott

(909) 937-6788

Sheraton Ontario Airport Hotel

(909) 937-8000

Sheraton Suites Fairplex Pomona

(909) 622-2220

App-Based Transportation Companies - Lyft and Uber - provide transportation services at Ontario International Airport. To request rides, use the mobile app of one of the companies. To locate the pickup location at the airport, follow the ‘’Ride-Share Pick Up Location’’ signs located at every passenger terminal.

This is the perfect option for those looking for a ride from Ontario Airport to Ontario downtown. We picked 3 popular destinations and compare their estimates to help you compare the prices to other transportation companies.

Uber Ontario Airport

  • to downtown Ontario: $9.38
  • to Riverside: $24.54
  • to Los Angeles: $56.33

Lyft Ontario Airport


  • to downtown Ontario: $12-15
  • to Riverside: $28-32
  • to Los Angeles: $60-70

To discover up-to-date rates and detailed information on pick-ups and drop-offs at ONT, learn about getting a Lyft to Ontario Airport!

Airport Taxi & Limo Service

Taxi cabs are the fastest airport transfer option and can take you to the downtown area of Ontario for approximately 10 minutes. There are two taxi companies available at the taxi ranks in front of every terminal (that offer wheelchair accessible vehicles as well):

  • Bell Cab: 800-340-8294
  • Yellow Cab: 800-305-8294

Taxi fares from ONT to downtown Ontario start at $22.

There are numerous companies in the city offering car and limo services that can pick you up at ONT Airport. We’ve listed the best companies with great guest reviews in the following list. Call any of them to find out rates and pickup locations.

Transportation Company

Phone Number

Corporate Executive Transportation


Ontario Airport Limo and Sedan Transportation Service


Ontario Limo Services


Above Expectation Limousine Inc. Ontario


The Perfect Airport Limo & Sedan


DrivenLux Chauffeured Limousine of Ontario


Public Transportation

Public transport is a perfect solution for all airport travelers who don’t have lots of luggage and want to cut their costs. It is safe and much cheaper than all other transfer options. There are many bus or rail providers that serve ONT Airport and can take you to various locations.

You can see the entire list here. Below listed are two public bus routes which link Ontario Airport to several popular destinations nearby:

  • Omnitrans Route 61 - to Ontario, Pomona, Fontana, and Montclair; it runs every 15 minutes, and the one-way fare is only $1.75.
  • Omnitrans Route 80 - runs to Ontario Convention Center and Rancho Cucamonga for the same single bus ticket price - $1.75.

To find the bus stop at ONT, go to Terminals 2 or 4 on Airport Drive. Follow the airport signs to easily locate the stations.

ONT Car Rental

There are several on-airport rental companies located in the Rental Car Center (3450 E. Airport Drive). You can easily reach the RCC by complimentary shuttle vehicles provided for all passengers from the passenger terminals. Renting a vehicle at ONT is an ideal choice when looking for the most convenient transportation option that allows you to travel at your own pace.

Call one of the companies from the list to find out their rates.

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Rental Company

Phone Number



















There is one more rental company, but it is located off-site - Fox Rent-a-Car. They also provide free transportation from the airport to their office. To find out more, call Fox at (855) 849-4212.


Are there shuttles from Ontario Airport? ›

GO Airport Shuttle offers affordable ONT airport transportation options including shared ride Ontario airport shuttle and private car service. Our friendly and professional drivers from will get you to and from Ontario Airport safely and on time.

Can you Uber or Lyft from Ontario Airport? ›

– December 22, 2021) – Getting to and from Ontario International Airport (ONT) is even easier now with the addition of Uber to the airport's transportation network program, airport and ride-app company officials announced today.

Is Uber allowed at Ontario CA airport? ›

Do Uber driver-partners pick up at ONT? Yes. Tap here for a list of airports around the world where you can request a ride with Uber.

Why is there no Uber at Ontario Airport? ›

Why can't I request trips to or from the Ontario International Airport, CA? The airport recently imposed the highest rideshare fee in the nation for an airport of its size, and rather than pass the fees to riders, we made the tough decision to suspend operations there.

What are three popular modes of transportation within Ontario? ›

Buses, trains and airlines go to many places in Ontario. All cities are connected by paved highways.

How often do shuttles run Ontario Airport? ›

The shuttles run every 5-20 minutes, with shuttles departing less frequently between 12:30 am and 3 am. At Terminals 2 & 4, shuttle pick up and drop off are stationed at the Terminal islands (located between the parking lots and the terminal buildings).

How much does it cost to rent a car at Ontario Airport? ›

Cheap car rentals in Ontario Airport
5 more rows

How do I get to Toronto from the airport? ›

Union Pearson Express runs from Pearson Airport to Union Station in downtown Toronto in just 25 minutes. Adult one-way fare from Pearson to Union is $12.35. Youth and Post-Secondary students save 40% off standard adult fare when using PRESTO.

What time does the shuttle run at Ontario Airport? ›

Airport Shuttles

The shuttles run every 5-20 minutes, with shuttles departing less frequently between 12:30 am and 3 am. At Terminals 2 & 4, shuttle pick up and drop off are stationed at the Terminal islands (located between the parking lots and the terminal buildings).

How do you get around in Ontario without a car? ›

8 Ways to Get Almost Anywhere (in Ontario!) Without Your Own Car
  1. VIA Rail. Starting at $49 | Year Round Service | ...
  2. Go Bus/Train. Starting at $10 | Year Round Service | ...
  3. Park Bus. ...
  4. Ontario Group Of Touring Companies. ...
  5. Car Sharing. ...
  6. Craigslist/Phone A Friend.
24 Aug 2021

Can Uber pick you up at Pearson? ›

If you use the ride sharing apps Uber, Lyft or Facedrive, you can request a pick-up from Pearson Airport.

How long does UTM shuttle take? ›

Fast facts for boarding the Shuttle:

A trip from UTM to UTSG, or the reverse, will take anywhere from 35 minutes or more. During quieter times of day, the trip is definitely within the 25-35 minute mark.


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