The Cast Of Bravo's 'Million Dollar Listing' Ranked By Net Worth (2023)

When it comes to reality television, Bravo certainly knows what they are doing. The network has created some of the most iconic shows in reality TV history! From Real Housewives, Below Deck, all the way to the success of Million Dollar Listing!

The franchise has a show set in both New York City and Los Angeles, with an array of hilarious, yet go-getting brokers who show the ins and outs of luxury real estate in two of the most well-known cities in the world.

While real estate meeting reality TV is a hot topic right now, especially with the emergence of Netflix'sSelling Sunset, it appears as if Million Dollar Listing isn't worried about a thing, so much that they've accused their competition of being fake.The cast members from each show have gone on to amass millions, mainly from their work in real estate, but just how much are they worth?

Updated on June 27th, 2021, by Michael Chaar: Million Dollar Listing opened its doors to two new cast members. Tyler Whitman, who is worth $3 million, and Kirsten Jordan, who has a net worth of $5 million, joined Million Dollar Listing New York and brought a much-needed flair to the show. Ryan Serhant recently spent a whopping $2.6 million in renovations on his new family townhouse in Brooklyn. As for Steve Gold, the realtor set a brand new Husdon Yards record by selling a $29,500,000 home! The Bond Street pals, James Harris and David Parnes are also experiencing more success, especially after selling actor, Rob Lowe a nearly $4 million home last fall.


10/10 Tyler Whitman - $3 Million

Tyler Whitman joined the cast of Million Dollar Listing New York back in season 8 and made his return for season 9. The star has been a great addition to the series, instantly becoming a fan fav. When it comes to his stellar real estate knowledge, it's no surprise that he snagged a 13 million listing on his very first go.

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Tyler currently works at a start-up real estate firm, Triplement, where he stands as part of the founding team. Luckily for Whitman, his success in the industry has allowed him to amass a net worth of $3 million.

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9/10 Kirsten Jordan - $5 Million

Kirsten Jordan came in hot this season as the first-ever female realtor on Million Dollar Listing New York. The star has sold over $500 million in property over the course of her career, making her quite the contender in the real estate market.

Much like herself, Jordan's hubby, Stefano Farsura, is also in real estate. The couple has been together for just over a decade, and continue to support one another in their ever-growing careers. Since her start years ago, Kirsten has been able to amass a net worth of $5 million.

8/10 James Harris - $6 Million

James Harris joined the Bravo show, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles back in 2014 for its seventh season! The star has managed to bring quite a lot of humor and intellect to the show, however, it is his British wit that truly takes the cake.

Harris represents one of Los Angeles' biggest brokerages, The Agency, which has allowed James to amass a net worth of $6 million.In November 2020, James Harris managed to sell Rob Lowe a $3.75 million estate in Beverly Hills, which Harris couldn't be happier about considering the house was sold in a single day above asking!

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7/10 David Parnes - $6 Million

David Parnes joined Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles in 2014 as well alongside pal, James Harris. The duo is a package deal when it comes to selling homes and refer to themselves as the "Bond Street Partners".

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Parnes also works for The Agency alongside Harris and had managed to amass anet worth of $6 million.In addition to being a real estate mogul, Parnes is also a family man! The star recently celebrated his daughter's 3rd birthday with quite an elegant cake.

6/10 Steve Gold - $10 Million

Steve Gold became a household name when he joined Million Dollar Listing New York in its sixth season. Despite joining the show in 2017, Gold fit in it like a glove and managed to become an overnight fan favorite, and rightfully so!

In addition to being on the reality TV show, Steve is the president of Gold Group New York City, which has allowed him to amass his net worth of $10 million.In season 9, Gold went on to break a real estate record, selling one of the biggest homes in Hudson Yards for nearly $30 million!

5/10 Tracy Tutor - $20 Million

Tracy Tutor is easily one of the most liked cast members on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. While Josh Altman and Flagg may take the lead on longevity when it comes to the show, considering Tracy only joined in 2017, she has certainly brought the heat.

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Tracy is a tell-it-like-it-is businesswoman who has brought such a sparkle to the show and a much-needed one at that! While Tracy's personal net worth is estimated at $20 million, it's clear her net worth is set to rise after the sale of her Brentwood home. The star managed to sell her house for a whopping $20 million!

4/10 Ryan Serhant - $30 Million

Ryan Serhant is a fan favorite on Million Dollar Listing New York, however, prior to his time in real estate, Ryan was actually an actor! The star appeared in 19 episodes of As The World Turns in the role of Evan Walsh. While acting served him well, he decided to switch over to real estate in 2008.

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According to CelebrityNetWorth, Ryan managed to become the 15th most successful real estate broker in New York, which has since allowed him to build a fortune of$30 million!T0day, Ryan is busy remodeling his newest townhouse in Brooklyn, which he purchased for $7.6 million and put $2.6 million into renovations!

3/10 Josh Altman - $30 Million

Josh Altman also joined the cast of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles back in 2011 alongside Josh Flagg. Altman came in as the replacement of former cast member, Chad Rogers, and fans could not have been happier!

Josh brings the flare to each and every episode and offers more of a serious and business-oriented view on real estate, bringing in a nice balance of Flagg's antics and Altman's serious demeanor. Since his start in the industry, Josh Altman has earned himself a net worth of $30 million.

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2/10 Fredrik Eklund - $30 Million

Fredrik Eklund is considered one of the Million Dollar Listing OG's! The star, who has been with Bravo for over a decade, has officially left the New York scene for sunny California.Eklund is now making his transition from the New York City show to Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

It was safe to say that Josh Altman and Flagg were slightly intimidated by Fredrik's move, and they should be! Due to his real estate powers, Fredrik has gone on to amass a net worth of $30 million!While Eklund's stay in LA may have been a shock, the star has since joined the New York cast, and has even most recently updated his office!

1/10 Josh Flagg - $35 Million

Josh Flagg is certainly quite the character! The Bravo star reigns on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles where he takes on multi-million dollar homes and makes a commission of a lifetime.

The star has been a series regular since the fourth season back in 2011, now, with a decade of the show under his belt and a lot more time in the real estate game, Josh Flagg has gone on to amass an impressive net worth of $35 million!More recently, Flagg has taken a liking to his fellow Bravo family, befriending none other than RHONY star, Sonja Morgan as one of his besties!

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How much does the cast make on Million Dollar Listing? ›

According to Business Insider, the main cast members on a cable reality show can make up to $10,000 per episode once the show has proven its success after a few seasons. Million Dollar Listing New York has been on Bravo for seven seasons already and recently premiered its eighth overall season.

What is Madison's net worth on Million Dollar Listing? ›

Madison Hildebrand Net Worth
Net Worth:$25 Million
Date of Birth:Oct 28, 1980 (41 years old)
Profession:Author, Real Estate Broker, Film Producer
Nationality:United States of America

Who left Million Dollar Listing LA? ›

Eklund, 45, announced in January that he would be leaving the show after its ninth season, which premiered in May 2021. The star, who has also appeared on Million Dollar Listing: LA, broke the news that he would be leaving both series in an Instagram post.

Is Ryan Serhant a billionaire? ›

Ryan Serhant is an American actor, real estate agent, and reality star who is ranked #15 out of 100 of the most successful real estate brokers in New York. He sold over $100 million in property in his first two years as a broker. As of November 2022, Ryan Serhant's net worth is $30 Million.

How much did Josh Flagg inherit from Edith? ›

Edith Flagg died in 2014 with a net worth estimated at $100 million. Josh Flagg's father, Michael, was an only child, so he likely inherited the entirety of her fortune, giving Flagg's parents a net worth of about the same.

Do Realtors get paid on Million Dollar Listing? ›

You'll generally pay 6% commission on a home's final sale price, which adds up to $60,000 for a million dollar home. The commission is split between the listing agent, the buyer's agent, and their brokers.

Is Josh Altman a millionaire? ›

Luxury real estate expert Josh Altman narrates how he became a millionaire at 26, and lost everything at 27. In this detailed interview with WYZA, he shared several helpful insights on how to avoid real estate pitfalls, and a few techniques in flipping houses.

How much did Josh Altman sell house? ›

Josh Altman is a real-estate powerhouse.

The star of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" and cofounder of real-estate firm The Altman Brothers has sold over $1.5 billion in real estate, including the most expensive one-bedroom house in history, which sold for over $20 million.

Why was Madison kicked off Million Dollar Listing? ›

Madison came back full-time for seasons nine and 10 before officially leaving the show at the conclusion of season 10. The real estate agent no longer felt the show was adding joy to his life, so he decided to quit and focus on other matters.

How is Josh Flagg so rich? ›

Josh Flagg soon became quite successful as a real estate agent and set many records even as a young professional. He was involved in the biggest sale in the history of Brentwood Park. Another impressive accomplishment was selling a $25 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

What happened between Madison and Heather? ›

Their friendship became rocky shortly after Heather began a relationship with Madison's real estate rival, Josh. Heather's relationship with Josh became serious, which completely ended her friendship with Madison.

Is Josh and Bobby still married? ›

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star Josh Flagg cuddled up to new boyfriend Andrew Beyer after his breakup with husband Bobby Boyd.

Who got a divorce from Million Dollar Listing? ›

'Million Dollar Listing' star Josh Flagg scores $9M home after announcing divorce.

Who got fired from Million Dollar Listing? ›

FREDRIK Eklund announced he has QUIT Million Dollar Listing after 11 years. Fans called for the real estate and "shady" Bravo figure to be fired ahead of his announcement.

Are Steve Gold and Ryan Serhant friends? ›

While he's at work in the city, Ryan Serhant has worn everything from a spiffy suit to a lion costume and that unforgettable lifeguard look. But when he's vacationing in Greece, the Million Dollar Listing New York real-estate pro prefers to take style cues from his friend and fellow agent Steve Gold — and vice versa.

Who is the richest Pearson in the world? ›

Who is the richest person in the world? Top 10 richest people in the world 2022, Elon Musk net worth
  1. Elon Musk. Elon Musk is the co-founder and CEO of Tesla and is currently the richest person in the world, he has a net worth of $201.3 billion. ...
  2. Bernard Arnault. ...
  3. Gautam Adani. ...
  4. Jeff Bezos.
2 days ago

How much is Frederick Worth? ›

Fredrik Eklund Net Worth
Net Worth:$30 Million
Date of Birth:Apr 26, 1977 (45 years old)
Place of Birth:Stockholm
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.95 m)
2 more rows

What does Bobby Boyd do for a living? ›

Bobby Boyd is a premier real estate agent servicing the affluent Los Angeles real market. A former fashion model for major designers such as True Religion, Versace, Calvin Klein, and Vogue, Bobby has a keen eye for style, architecture, and design.

Did Josh Flagg lose his job? ›

Josh Flagg is ready for a big change. The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles cast member is leaving Rodeo Realty and is heading to Douglas Elliman. "I have been approached by many companies over the years to jump ship and go on to other ventures. I never felt there was a reason before now," Josh told PEOPLE.

What is Colton Thorn doing now? ›

Among his current interior design projects are a Beverly Hills mansion for a 17-year-old burgeoning developer who was seen on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (which Thorn himself has appeared on with his former partner, luxury real estate agent Josh Flagg) and a Holmby Hills hideaway where some incredibly ...

Who is the highest paid realtor? ›

Caballero broke his record, which he set in 2018 selling 3,496 new homes in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, worth $1.384 billion. Ben Caballero, a current Guinness World Record title holder and No. 1-ranked real estate agent in the U.S., set a new record for home sales in Dallas-Ft.

How much do top 1% realtors make? ›

Each real estate office sets its own standards for top producers, but it's safe to say that a top producer would have to sell at least one home per month to qualify. Top producers earn around $112,610 a year to start, according to the BLS. 1 Mega-stars could earn $500,000 per year and up.

Is Top Million Dollar Agent scripted? ›

One thing to note: the show's description says it is "based on the lives" of Toronto realtors. I'm not sure if that was there originally. In other words, it is completely fake, except for the agents themselves. And on that note, the agents cannot seem to speak without using scripted lines.

Is Josh Altman really a realtor? ›

The Altman Brothers are among the top producing real estate agents in the country. Josh and Matt Altman managed to carve out a niche in the Los Angeles high end market.

Is Heather Altman still selling real estate? ›

Heather is devoted to serving the needs of real estate buyers and sellers in destinations including Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood & Bel Air.

Who is more successful Josh Flagg and Josh Altman? ›

Altman is worth about $10 million today

Altman has earned money from his speeches and his book, which helped him comprise such a massive net worth before his 40th birthday. But when it comes down to it, Flagg is worth more than double his competitor.

Did Josh Flagg sell his grandmother's condo? ›

Spoiler alert: Josh Flagg of 'Million Dollar Listing' sells his condo - Los Angeles Times.

Did Tracy Tutor sell Dubai? ›

Tutor sold millions in properties in her short time since coming onto the show, including representing the Atlantis in Dubai in season 11. She also received an opportunity to represent high-profile architect Scott Gillen in season 12, though she didn't sell any of his properties.

Who is Josh Altman married to? ›

Is Madison coming back to Million Dollar Listing? ›

Madison Hildebrand is stepping back from Bravo's cameras once again. The 37-year-old realtor, who has appeared on every season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles since 2006, will not be returning for season 11. Hildebrand confirmed the news in a statement to The Daily Dish.

Who broke Madison's jaw? ›

When Madison's 14-year-old cousin jumped off a diving board and did a frog-leg jump, his knee clipped the back of the realtor's right jaw bone, which led to a horrifying fracture. Madison had casually been sitting next to the diving board at a pool party at the time.

Is Madison still a realtor? ›

Madison Pomeroy Hildebrand (born October 28, 1980) is an American media personality and realtor specializing in the luxury real estate market located in Malibu, California.
Madison Hildebrand
OccupationReal estate broker, author
2 more rows

How much is Josh Flagg's house worth? ›

Josh Flagg Opens Up About His Incredible New $9.2M Beverly Hills Home. "Just because Bobby and I will be getting divorced, that does not mean life stops. Business continues as usual," the MDLLA agent said. Josh Flagg just purchased his dream home.

What is Josh flaggs house worth? ›

Josh Flagg becomes a new property owner two weeks after announcing his split from Bobby Boyd as he buys a $9.2 million Beverly Hills home.

Who is Flagg new boyfriend? ›

Josh Flagg posted a pic with new boyfriend and fellow real estate agent Andrew Beyer on Instagram, following the Bravo star's recent split from husband Bobby Boyd.

Is Josh still married to Heather? ›

Josh Altman is sharing an adorable glimpse into his recent Saturday brunch with his wife, Heather Bilyeu Altman, and their daughter, Lexi.

What does Cody keltz do for a living? ›

Cody Keltz, Real Estate Agent - Compass.

Is Madison still with Cody? ›

'My relationship has recently ended, but as a public figure (#MDLLA & @bravotv), & as many of you have been inquiring I figured what better day than #ValentinesDay to acknowledge LOVE! . ' Madison concluded warmly: 'I am grateful for the love that my friends, family & fans have shown me...SOOOOO,...

Why did Flagg and Bobby break up? ›

It was not a lack of love but rather the two of us growing in different directions and wanting very different things for ourselves,” Josh said in his statement. “I care deeply about Bobby and have nothing but love and respect for him. I want how we separate from each other to represent that.”

Are Josh and Bobby back together? ›

The MDLLA cast member is sharing an update on his love life.

Who was Tracy Tutor married to? ›

Personal life. Tutor was previously married to Jason Maltas for 13 years, and shares two daughters with him. They lived in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Did Josh and Bobby get divorced? ›

Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd had been living apart before announcing their divorce, according to a source. An insider exclusively tells PEOPLE that the Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star, 36, had vacated the home the couple shared before making their split public.

Why did Frederick quit Million Dollar Listing? ›

A source tells PEOPLE exclusively that "while [Eklund] is really proud of Million Dollar Listing, this is the perfect time to say goodbye, as he's leaving to work on new projects and wants to end on a high note."

Are Josh and Fredrik still friends? ›

Flagg and Altman have been longtime rivals on the show, but have mended their relationship and now star in a spinoff called Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh.

What is Ryan from Million Dollar Listing doing now? ›

Ryan Matthew Serhant (born July 2, 1984) is an American real estate broker, author, and reality television actor. He currently stars on Bravo's television series Million Dollar Listing New York and its spin-off Sell it Like Serhant. Serhant runs his own New York real estate firm.

How much money does Josh Altman make? ›

Josh Altman ($30 million)

He started The Altman Brothers at Hilton and Hyland with his sibling, Matt Altman.

Who is the richest realtor in Los Angeles? ›

Matthew and Josh Altman

They're also the enduring stars of Bravo's” 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.” They sold over $1.35 billion in 2021, adding to $5 billion-plus career total, and expanded to Newport Beach and San Diego.

Who owns the 500 million dollar house in LA? ›

Richard Saghian, owner of the fast-fashion business Fashion Nova, has emerged as the winning bidder of the Los Angeles mansion known as “The One.”

How much is the Flagg family worth? ›

Flagg has a net worth of approximately $35 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth. Some sources claim he has sold $1 billion worth of property, but his own website lists that figure at over $2 billion. Josh Flagg with fellow real estate agent and co-star Josh Altman.

Who is the richest realtor? ›

At the top, Orange County, California-based Donald Bren remains the wealthiest real estate billionaire in the country with an estimated $16.2 billion net worth, nearly $1 billion higher than last year.

Who is the biggest real estate company in the world? ›

Rankings by Total Assets
1.China Evergrande GroupReal Estate Company
2.Sunac ChinaReal Estate Company
3.Tishman SpeyerReal Estate Company
4.Hines GroupReal Estate Company
75 more rows

Who owns the biggest house in Hollywood? ›

The buyer of the Bel-Air mega mansion dubbed 'The One' has been revealed to be none other than Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian days after the estate sold well below its asking price at auction.

Who owns the largest house in America? ›

The Biltmore Company

Where is the largest house in the United States? ›

Biltmore Estate, North Carolina

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, is the largest home in the U.S. and comes in at a staggering 175,000 square feet. That's nearly 70,000 square feet more than the next biggest home in the U.S.

Is Josh Altman a Millionaire? ›

Luxury real estate expert Josh Altman narrates how he became a millionaire at 26, and lost everything at 27. In this detailed interview with WYZA, he shared several helpful insights on how to avoid real estate pitfalls, and a few techniques in flipping houses.

Are Josh and his husband still together? ›

"It was not a lack of love but rather the two of us growing in different directions and wanting very different things for ourselves," the star realtor wrote on Instagram on Friday. Josh Flagg and his husband are calling it quits.


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