The Worlds Largest Buildings (2023)

In June 2013, we looked at some of The Worlds Largest Buildings in a compilation whichcoincidentallybecame the biggest article we have ever written on this site! Take a look back at some of the Worlds Largest Buildings with some exceptionally big stats!

The buildings, structures and towers that architects and engineers are designing are constantly reaching new heights. The innovative designs of these buildings are allowing us to push the limits of what we previously thought to be unreachable. We always hear about new technological innovations that have rocketed us even higher into the sky, so we have rounded up the biggest projects that we can find. Prepare yourself for an article displaying the world biggest and best structures...

The World's Tallest Building | Burj Khalifa

(WARNING! If you do not like heights, look away now!)

The Worlds Largest Buildings (1)

Since early 2010, the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest building in the world and has featured many times on ArchitectWeekly as well as in other publications, books, online, in videos as well as films. The Burj Khalifa was designed by American architect, Adrian Smith. The competition for The World's Tallest building isfiercely fought in many countries and with the development of sophisticated technology as well as more advanced architecture, it islikelythat it will be soon surpassed and the competition will continue.

BIG stats:

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Height (Tip): 829.8 metres (2,722 ft)

Height (Architectural): 828 metres (2,717 ft)

ConstructionStarted: January 2004

Opened: 4th January 2010

Cost:$1.5 billion (£972,794,189)

Floor Area: 309, 473 metres squared or 3,331,100 sq ft

Floors: 163

Ever wondered what it is like to clean the windows of the Burj Khalifa? Find out now with the video below (Presented by Dallas Campbell)

The Worlds Tallest Tower | Tokyo Skytree

The Worlds Largest Buildings (2)

The Tokyo Sky Tree has been the the worlds tallest tower, after construction was completed in 2011, and the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa. The tower was designed by Japanese architecture firm, Nikken Sekkei. There are nine TV broadcasters located within the tower complex, led by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).


Location:Sumida, Tokyo, Japan

(Video) 15 Biggest Buildings in the World

Height(Tip):634.0metres (2,080ft)

Height(Top Floor):451.2m (1,480ft)

ConstructionStarted:July 2008

Opened:22nd May 2012

Cost:65 billionJPY(806 millionUSD)


The Worlds Biggest Building by Volume | Boeing Everett Factory

The Worlds Largest Buildings (3)

This is Boeing's aircraft assembly factory in Everett, Washington. It is the biggest building in the world in terms of volume. This is the centralassemblyline of Boeing's biggest aircraft including the 747 Jumbo Jet, 767, 777 and all new 787 Dreamliner. The factory officially opened in 1967 after the company was awarded a $525 million USD contract with Pan American Airlines for 25 747's.


Location:Everett, Washington, United States

Volume:13,385,378 m3(472,370,319 cubic ft)

Land Cover:399,480 m2(98.3 acres)

The Worlds Tallest Bridge | Millau Viaduct

The Worlds Largest Buildings (4)

The Millau Viaduct is a Cable Stayed bridge which spans the Tarn River near Millau in the South of France. It was designed by British Architect, Norman Foster with French structural engineer, Michel Virlogeux to alleviate traffic whichoriginallywent through the town of Millau. This was a particular problem in the summer as a sharp increase of tourists travelling from Paris to Spain caused an unsually high level ofcongestionin the town.


French:Le Viaduc de Millau
Location:Millau-Creissels, France

Height(Highest Mast):343.0 metres (1,125ft)

Height(Road):270 metres (890ft)

BridgeLength:2460 metres
ConstructionStarted:October 2001

Opened:16th December 2004

Cost:€ 394,000,000 (£335,906,891)

The Worlds Biggest Capacity Stadium | Rungnado May Day Stadium

The Worlds Largest Buildings (5)


Yes, North Korea is home to the Worlds Biggest Capacity Stadium, also known as the May Day Stadium. The stadium can hold around 150,000 people for various events. The stadium was built in 1989 and wasprimarilydesigned to be used as a Football Stadium. The stadium is eight stories high and has a floor space of over 207,000m². The stadium is also the 12th largest Sports Venue in the world.


Location:Pyongyang, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Capacity:150,000 people

FieldDimensions(Main Pitch):22,500 m²
FieldDimensions(Floor Space):207,500 m²

Opened:1st May 1989

The WorldsBusiest Airport | Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The Worlds Largest Buildings (6)

The Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the United States is the Busiest Airport in the world bypassengertraffic and it has held this accolade since 1998. In 2005 it also became the worlds busiest airport in terms of landings and take offs.The airport accommodates92 million passengers (252,000 passengers daily) and 923,991 flights!In 2012 the airport served950,119 flight operations and95,462,867 passengers.The airport has five concrete runways with the longest being 3,776 metres (12,390 ft).


Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Serves:City of Atlanta

Hub For:AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines, GeorgiaSkies, Silver Airways

Runways: 5 (Concrete)

Opened:15th September 1926 (First Flight)

The Worlds Biggest Container Port | Port of Shanghai

The Worlds Largest Buildings (7)

The Port of Shanghai is currently the worlds biggest container port and is part of a ongoing battle for the Worlds Biggest Container Port crown. The battle for this award is foughtfiercely and every year, it often switches between the Ports of Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong. The Port of Shanghai annually holds and moves 736 million tonnes of cargo in 35.529 million containers (otherwise known as Twenty - FootEquivalentUnits.) The port is split into 3 working zones known as the Yangshan deep water port, Huangpu River and Yangtze River.


Location: Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China

Type of Harbor:Deep Water Seaport/Riverport
Annual Cargo (Tonnes): 736 million in 2012


The Worlds LargestParliamentBuilding | Palace of theParliament

The Worlds Largest Buildings (8)

This is the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest,Romania and is currently the Worlds Biggest Parliament Building containing both chambers of theRomanianGovernment. The Palace also holds the awards for the Worlds LargestCivilian Building with an administrative function, most expensive administration building and the Worlds Heaviest Building! The building was designed and constructed during the administration ofNicolae Ceaușescuand hisRomanianCommunist Party and was designed to be a symbol of power. It is also locally known as theCasa Poporului or People's House.

(Video) The TALLEST BUILDINGS and FUTURE PROJECTS ► (3D Size Comparison)


Romanian:Palatul Parlamentului
Location:Bucharest, Romania
Architectural Style:Neoclassicism

Height:270metres (890ft) by 240metres (790ft), 86metres (282ft)

Underground:92metres (302ft)
Floor Space:340,000 m2(3,700,000sqft)

Car Parks:2 Underground Car Parks

ConstructionStarted:June 1984


Cost:€ 3 billion (£2,566,150,586.46)

The Worlds Largest Royal Palace | Palace of Versailles

The Worlds Largest Buildings (9)
Palace of Versailles

This is the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France and is currently the Worlds Largest Royal Palace (although it is not the largest Royal Residence which is used currently). Versailles wasoriginallya country village but is now a wealthy suburb of Paris. The Court of Versailles has been a centre of power since 1682 and has been a symbol of theabsolutemonarchy in France. The Palace has some impressive BIG statistics which are below.


French:Château de Versaille
Location: Versaille, France (20km outside Paris)
Floor Area:67,000 m2
Windows: 2,513
Number of Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures and Engravings:24, 759
Number of Pieces of Furniture:5,210

UNESCO World Heritage Site Type:i, ii, vi

The Worlds Largest Hemispherical Building | Ericsson Globe

The Worlds Largest Buildings (10)

This is the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden and it is the LargestHemispherical building in the world. It was constructed using a MERO Space Frame which uses hollow steel tubes of which are interconnected to create its eye catching design. It is currently home to Tre Kronor which is Sweden's national men's ice hockey team and the arena has also hosted some major concerts and events. The arena also has a small house on the roof, as well as a railway which can take visitors to the centre of the roof!


Also Known as:Globen
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
Capacity (Ice Hockey):13,850
Capacity (Concerts):16,000

The World's Biggest Building by Floorspace | New Century Global Centre

The Worlds Largest Buildings (11)

This is the New Century Global Centre in Chengdu, China and has been the World's Biggest Building in terms of floor space since the 1st July! It is one of the newest Worlds Biggest Buildings and only recently surpassed the long standing Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 building for the title. The New Century Global Centre is a multi-functional space designed by renowned British - Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid and will containoffices, conference rooms, a university complex, two commercial centres, hotels, anIMAXcinema, a "Mediterranean village", a pirate ship and skating rink. The Centre's main centrepiece will be an amazing 5000 square metreartificialbeach with a150 metre long and 40 metre high screen which will form the horizon and offer sunrises and sunsets.The Centre has also earned the title of the World's Biggest Standalone Building.


Location:Tianfu New Area, Chengdu, China
Floor Area:1,700,000 m2(18,298,600sqft)
Height(Architectural):100m (328ft)
Opened:1st July 2013

The World's BiggestReligious Sites | Angkor Wat

The Worlds Largest Buildings (12)

This is Angkor Wat orofficiallyknown as Prasat Angkor Wat and it is the World's BiggestReligiousSite. It is located in Angkor in Cambodia and is the Largest Hindu and thenBuddhist temples as well as the largestreligiousmonument in the world. It was designed at the peak of the Khymer Architectural style and has become a symbol of Cambodia, even featuring on the national flag.

The Worlds Largest Buildings (13)

It was built in the 12th Century by Khymer King Suryavarman II and was the capital of the Khymer Empire.


Full Name:Prasat Angkor Wat
Location:Angkor,Siem Reap Province,Cambodia
Floor Area:1,000,000 m2(11,000,000sqft)
Construction:12th Century
UNESCO World Heritage Criteria:Cultural:(i), (ii), (iii), (iv)

The Worlds Largest Museum | The Louvre

The Worlds Largest Buildings (14)

This is The Louvre Museum in Paris, France and is currently the World's Biggest Museum. The museum was established in 1793 and is now the worlds most visited museum with 8.8 million visitors going in 2011. The Louvre is now home to a significant collection of art including the world famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci.


French:Musée du Louvre
Location:Palais Royal, Musée du Louvre,75001 Paris, France
Floor Area:210,000m² (2,260,421sqft)
Visitors in 2011:8.8 million

The Worlds Largest Casino and Single Structure Hotel | The Venetian Macao

The Worlds Largest Buildings (15)

This is The Venetian Macao in China and it is currently the Worlds Biggest Casino as well as being the Worlds Biggest Single Structure Hotel (as well as being the sixth largest building in the world by floor area). It is currently owned by the Las Vegas SandsCorporation and is home to 3000 Suites, 3200 slot machines, 800 gambling tables and 15,000 seat multifunctional, CotaiArena. The complex consists of1,200,000 sqft (110,000m2) of convention space, 1,600,000 sqft (150,000m2) of retail and 550,000 square feet (51,000m2) of casino space. The building is 40 stories high and cost $2.4 billion to construct.



Location:Cotai Strip, Macau, S.A.R. of China

Total Gaming Space:550,000 sqft (51,000m2)
Cost:$2.4 billion
Opened:28 August 2007
Architects:Aedas with HKS, Inc
Owned by:Las Vegas Sands

The Worlds Biggest Department Store | Shinsegae Centum City

(If you like Shopping, this is the place for you!)

The Worlds Largest Buildings (16)

This is the Shinsegae Centum City Department Store in South Korea and it is the Worlds Biggest Department Store. The Shinsegae Centum City has 509,810m2 (5,487,594.84 sq. ft.) of floor space in the centre of South Korea's second biggest city, Busan. The complex cost $1.09 billion (USD) and was designed by number one retail designers, Callison.

" Centum City is rapidly becoming the centre of Busan's retail industry. It offers something for everyone and has quickly become a hub for the immediate community and surrounding area. "

- Bill Lacey,Callison Principal


Korean:주식회사 신세계株式會社新世界

Location:Busan, South Korea

(Video) EVOLUTION of WORLD'S TALLEST BUILDING: Size Comparison (1901-2022)

Floor Space:509,810m2(5,487,594.84 sq. ft.)
Cost:$1.09 billion

Owned by:Shinsegae

(Video) The TALLEST Buildings in the World

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Which is the largest building in the world answer? ›

The world's tallest human-made structure is the 828-metre-tall (2,717 ft) Burj Khalifa in Dubai (of the United Arab Emirates). The building gained the official title of "tallest building in the world" and the tallest self-supported structure at its opening on January 9, 2010.

What is the largest building in the world? ›

It maintains a list of the 100 tallest completed buildings in the world. The organization currently ranks Burj Khalifa in Dubai as the tallest at 828 m (2,717 ft).

What is the largest building in 2022? ›

The building was finished in mid-2022. Tallest in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, it is a mixed-use type. With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft) and a roof height of 828 m (2,717 ft), the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest skyscraper in the world. It is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Which is the 1 largest building in the world? ›

Burj Khalifa

Where is the largest building in the world? ›

At 2,716 feet, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai has reigned as the world's tallest building since 2010. The shortest building on the list is the Vincom Landmark 81 tower in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, at 1,513 feet.

Where is the world's largest building found? ›

Burj Khalifa, Khalifa also spelled Khalīfah, mixed-use skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that is the world's tallest building, according to all three of the main criteria by which such buildings are judged (see Researcher's Note: Heights of Buildings).

Who made the biggest building in the world? ›

The tower was designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM), which also designed the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) in Chicago and the One World Trade Center in New York City. Burj Khalifa uses the bundled tube design of the Willis Tower, invented by Fazlur Rahman Khan.

What country has the biggest buildings? ›

Number of Buildings
2United States862
3United Arab Emirates316
39 more rows

Which will be the largest building in future? ›

Ultra-high-rise specialist firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia has been touted as by far the world's tallest building, with a planned height of at least 1,000 metres – easily surpassing the 828-metre-tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

What were the largest buildings on earth for 4000 years? ›

Meaning of "building"

The earliest structures now known to be the tallest in the world were the Egyptian pyramids: the Great Pyramid of Giza, at an original height of 146.5 m (481 ft), was the tallest structure in the world for over 3,800 years, until the construction of Lincoln Cathedral in 1311.

What is the smallest building in the world 2022? ›

World's littlest skyscraper
Newby–McMahon Building
Cost$200,000 (equivalent to $3,125,912 in 2021)
Roof12.2 m (40.0 ft)
Technical details
25 more rows

Which is the first largest building in India? ›

Tallest buildings
1Palais Royale320 metres (1,050 ft)
2Piramal Aranya Arav282.2 metres (926 ft)
3World One280.2 metres (919 ft)
4World View277.6 metres (911 ft)
70 more rows

Where are the 5 tallest buildings in the world? ›

10 Tallest Skyscrapers In The World
  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (829.8 m / 2,722 ft)
  • Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China (632 meters / 2,073 ft)
  • Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, Mecca, Saudi Arabia (601 meters / 1,972 feet)
  • Ping An International Finance Centre, Shenzhen, China (599 metres / 1,821 feet)

What is the largest city in the world with buildings? ›

Number of Buildings
1Hong Kong94
3New York City93
43 more rows

Which is the largest building by volume? ›

The world's largest building by volume is the Boeing Company's main assembly plant in Everett, Washington, USA, which has a total volume of 13.4 million m³ (472 million ft³), and an indoor floor area of 39.8 ha (98.3 acres).

Who made the first building in the world? ›

Dating back to 3600 BC and 700 BC, the Megalithic Temples of Malta are considered to be the oldest free-standing structures on earth. The temples were built during three phases of cultural revolution – Ġgantija (3600-3200BC), Saflieni (3300-3000BC) and Tarxien (3150BC-2500BC).

Who is the most famous building in the world? ›

The 20 Most Famous and Iconic Buildings All Around The World
  • Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur. ...
  • The White House, Washington. ...
  • The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Italy. ...
  • St. ...
  • Empire State Building, New York. ...
  • Lloyds Building, London. ...
  • Colosseum, Rome. ...
  • Taj Mahal, India.
20 Sept 2021

What city has the most famous buildings? ›

Paris and the Eiffel Tower, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, Agra and the Taj Mahal: Some of the world's top travel destinations go hand in hand with their most iconic landmarks.

Which state has the biggest buildings? ›

The tallest building in the U.S. by architectural height is currently One World Trade Center in New York, which is approximately 1,776 feet (541 m)—more than the combined heights of the tallest buildings in Wyoming, Vermont, Maine, South Dakota, Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.

How many stories is the biggest building in the world? ›

At over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa holds the following records: Tallest building in the world. Tallest free-standing structure in the world. Highest number of stories in the world.

What is the newest building in the world? ›

Jeddah Tower

Which is the latest building in the world? ›

The Jeddah Tower – formerly known as the Kingdom Tower – is currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and is designed to reach 1,000 m (3,281 ft). As the world's first 1-km building, it will soar 170 m (550 ft) taller than the Burj Khalifa.

What is the most beautiful building on Earth 2022? ›

The developers inaugurated the Museum of the Future on 22 February 2022. Since then, the UAE vice president Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum dubbed it “The most beautiful building in the world”.

What was the longest thing to build? ›

The Great Wall of China

Possibly the longest-ever building project of all time, construction of the Great Wall was started around 2,000 years ago and remained in the construction phase well into the 16th century AD.

What was the first building with 100 floors? ›

Completed in 1931, the Empire State was the world's first 100-story building – or rather, the equivalent of 102 stories, since the floors between the 86th floor observation deck and the small room at the apex of the mooring mast were only estimated levels.

What's the smallest home? ›

This 11-square-foot home in Berlin is dubbed the "world's smallest house."

Where is the world's smallest house? ›

Conwy, Wales

What country has smallest houses? ›

Communal space under the canopy

The analysis showed that Hong Kong has the smallest average homes in the world measuring at a mere 31.9 square metres. To put that into perspective, the study's Canadian analysis regularly found kitchens that could verge on that size.

Which is the second largest building in India? ›

The second tallest building in India presently is World View. Both of these buildings are located in Mumbai, and they have 76 floors.

Which city is called City of buildings in India? ›

West Bengal
Calcutta (Kolkata)City of Joy, Joyful City Cultural Capital of India City of Museums City of Surprises City of Passion Heaven of the Aged City of Buildings City of Palaces City of Castles Capital of West Bengal Former Capital of India Financial Capital of Eastern India
10 more rows

What is the famous Indian building called? ›

Taj Mahal. If someone only knows one building in India, it will be the Taj Mahal -- a structure so revered that it was named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in a global contest in 2007. The building was built as a mausoleum by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

What are the 8 tallest buildings in the world? ›

noun. ˈāt. : a number that is one more than seven see Table of Numbers. : the eighth in a set or series.

What city has the most tall buildings? ›

So what city has the most skyscrapers? That honor goes to Hong Kong, which is home to an astonishing 480 skyscrapers.

How many buildings are there in the world 2022? ›

There are an estimated 100 million buildings in the world. The number of buildings has grown rapidly in recent years, and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Which is the large building in India? ›

World One in Mumbai is, at present, the tallest building in India. This skyscraper is 919 feet high (or 280.2 meters), and is built on the site where the Shrinivas Milla stood earlier. The site is now called World Towers, and it spans an area of 17.5 acres.

Which is the largest building in future? ›

Ultra-high-rise specialist firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia has been touted as by far the world's tallest building, with a planned height of at least 1,000 metres – easily surpassing the 828-metre-tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Who is the best building in India? ›

Tallest buildings
1Palais Royale2018
2Piramal Aranya Arav2022
3World One2020
4World View2020
70 more rows

Which is the first building in India? ›

Just an hour's drive from the bustling city of Bhopal lies oldest stone structure in India. Considered one of the most important Buddhist sites in the world, the Sanchi Stupa with its exquisite carvings of the famed Jataka tales on the stone pillars has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is the biggest room in the world? ›

The Boeing Everett Factory is the largest room in the world by volume. It is an airplane assembly building owned by Boeing. It is 13,385,378 cubic meters in volume and covers an area of 399,480 square meters.

What city has the biggest buildings? ›

Number of Buildings
1Hong Kong546
3New York City305
43 more rows

Who owns the largest building in the world? ›

Emaar Properties


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